Atal Pension Yojana Premium Chart and Calculator [Table]


In this article we are providing details on Atal Pension Yojana Calculator and how does the pension amount will be calculated. Atal pension yojana was launched by Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi in his rally in kolkata. Atal pension scheme is one of the most lucarative scheme for all those who do not have EPF of any government or private organisation. Here we are going to provide the calculation behind the Atal pension Yojana.

How to join Atal Pension Yojana Atal Pension Yojana Premium Calculator

Atal Pension Yojana Premium Chart and Calculator

Below calculator provides the approx monthly payment you would have to make to get a Atal pension of Rs 1000 each month. Basically if you start early you will have to pay less monthly and if you start late you have to pay more.

Age of CustomerYears to investMonthly PaymentPension AmountReturn to nominee
18424210001.7 Lakh
194145.910001.7 Lakh
20405010001.7 Lakh
213954.710001.7 Lakh
22385910001.7 Lakh
233764.610001.7 Lakh
24367010001.7 Lakh
25357610001.7 Lakh
263482.510001.7 Lakh
273389.710001.7 Lakh
283297.610001.7 Lakh
2931107.210001.7 Lakh
303011610001.7 Lakh
312912710001.7 Lakh
322813910001.7 Lakh
332715210001.7 Lakh
342616610001.7 Lakh
352518110001.7 Lakh
362419810001.7 Lakh
372321810001.7 Lakh
382224010001.7 Lakh
392126510001.7 Lakh
402029110001.7 Lakh

Similar calculation can be done for amount 2000. You just need to multiply column 3, 4 & 5 by 2 and you will get the amount.

Atal Pension Yojana calculator to get Rs 2000 monthly pension

Age of CustomerYears to investMonthly PaymentPension AmountReturn to nominee
18428420003.4 Lakh
194191.820003.4 Lakh
204010020003.4 Lakh
2139109.420003.4 Lakh
223811820003.4 Lakh
2337129.220003.4 Lakh
243614020003.4 Lakh
253515220003.4 Lakh
263416520003.4 Lakh
2733179.420003.4 Lakh
2832195.220003.4 Lakh
2931214.420003.4 Lakh
303023220003.4 Lakh
312925420003.4 Lakh
322827820003.4 Lakh
332730420003.4 Lakh
342633220003.4 Lakh
352536220003.4 Lakh
362439620003.4 Lakh
372343620003.4 Lakh
382248020003.4 Lakh
392153020003.4 Lakh
402058220003.4 Lakh

Atal pension yojana investment required to get Rs 3000 pension

Age of CustomerYears to investMonthly PaymentPension AmountReturn to nominee
184212630005.1 Lakh
1941137.730005.1 Lakh
204015030005.1 Lakh
2139164.130005.1 Lakh
223817730005.1 Lakh
2337193.830005.1 Lakh
243621030005.1 Lakh
253522830005.1 Lakh
2634247.530005.1 Lakh
2733269.130005.1 Lakh
2832292.830005.1 Lakh
2931321.630005.1 Lakh
303034830005.1 Lakh
312938130005.1 Lakh
322841730005.1 Lakh
332745630005.1 Lakh
342649830005.1 Lakh
352554330005.1 Lakh
362459430005.1 Lakh
372365430005.1 Lakh
382272030005.1 Lakh
392179530005.1 Lakh
402087330005.1 Lakh

Atal pension yojana investment required to get Rs 4000 pension

Age of CustomerYears to investMonthly PaymentPension AmountReturn to nominee
184216840006.8 Lakh
1941183.640006.8 Lakh
204020040006.8 Lakh
2139218.840006.8 Lakh
223823640006.8 Lakh
2337258.440006.8 Lakh
243628040006.8 Lakh
253530440006.8 Lakh
263433040006.8 Lakh
2733358.840006.8 Lakh
2832390.440006.8 Lakh
2931428.840006.8 Lakh
303046440006.8 Lakh
312950840006.8 Lakh
322855640006.8 Lakh
332760840006.8 Lakh
342666440006.8 Lakh
352572440006.8 Lakh
362479240006.8 Lakh
372387240006.8 Lakh
382296040006.8 Lakh
3921106040006.8 Lakh
4020116440006.8 Lakh

Atal pension yojana investment required to get Rs 5000 pension

Age of CustomerYears to investMonthly PaymentPension AmountReturn to nominee
184221050008.5 Lakh
1941229.550008.5 Lakh
204025050008.5 Lakh
2139273.550008.5 Lakh
223829550008.5 Lakh
233732350008.5 Lakh
243635050008.5 Lakh
253538050008.5 Lakh
2634412.550008.5 Lakh
2733448.550008.5 Lakh
283248850008.5 Lakh
293153650008.5 Lakh
303058050008.5 Lakh
312963550008.5 Lakh
322869550008.5 Lakh
332776050008.5 Lakh
342683050008.5 Lakh
352590550008.5 Lakh
362499050008.5 Lakh
3723109050008.5 Lakh
3822120050008.5 Lakh
3921132550008.5 Lakh
4020145550008.5 Lakh

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  46 Responses to “Atal Pension Yojana Premium Chart and Calculator [Table]”

  1. Excellant yojna..

  2. Not a very good investment. Giving interest on monthly payment is less than 8% yearly and at the time of retirement pension found giving interest only 7% yearly mode.

    Now you can thing …

  3. Good Yojana.Inculcates savings habit.You have to skip only one cup of tea


  5. Regarding nominy and the benifits to him is not mentionned inthe policy we want to know about nominy benifits

  6. Govt se anurodh Hai ki Iski Jo premium or 5000 monthly pension ki max limit Rakhi hai use Aur jyada badhaye kyonki 30 saal meine jo premium dene ke baad 5000 rs ki keemat aaj ke 1000_2000 rs ke barabar reh jaayegi jisme kisi ka koi khaas bhala Nahi hone waala. Max respectable pension should be rs between5000-10000of current value accordingly. Jitni max amnt abhi Hai utna to kai logon ki old age pension hi ho jaegi bina koi premium diye.

  7. Dear Sir!
    I am 32 years old. If i want to pay all years installment/payment in a single payment, is it possible?

  8. Sir I have 2 Saving Bank a/c, first I met one bank submitted APY form, that banker said here APY not activated due to some technical problem, then I met another bank submitted APY Form, they activated my scheme and deducted Rs.449/- every month, now problem is that first bank also activated APY Scheme and deducted Rs.449/- every months. So two times activated APY scheme, now I want to deactivated one APY scheme so what is the process.Please tell me.

  9. Please tell if government employee who ishaving nominal GIS deduction,pran deduction and tax payer can he apply for Apy if yes ‘will the gov. Contribute its part and what is tax benefit.

  10. Can i change the nominee after enrolling the APY ?

  11. mera age 28 hai aor mera penson kit na melega konsa

    Details Hindi me sent kara sir….

  12. My APY activated on 23/09/2015.

    Now,can I have any certificate or statement from your end & when can i get it?

    Can I check my account status online? If so, then provide me the link also.

  13. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Now I am working in Privet Sector in case I got government job in future then my APY will continue,

    please reply

  14. Sir my date of birth is 27/12/1977, am i eligible to get this benifit till now

  15. Sir, yesterday I applied Atal Pension Yojana now my age is 20. now I am unmarried. my Nominee is my mother now. but when I married, then can I change the nominee….?? Sir, please tell me

  16. will i get 8.5 lakh lump sum amount at 60 years ????

    • you will be given a pension because of this amount. Your nominee will get this amount after your death.


  18. Sir I have been working as a Accountant on consolidate pay under Govt. Scheme since 2007 and EPF share deducted from my monthly remuneration . But govt. has launched APY in the year 2015 and I have enrolled in the scheme for pension contribution of Rs. 5000/- mater of question is can I get APY benefits?

  19. Hi… Now I am age of plan is 551. By what age I will get back pension amt of 4000

  20. Total valuation kitna hai 5000 MIS ka,, after death of customer.

  21. Sir I activated my APY in August 2017
    My question is that what will my spouse get after my death, monthly pension as same as mine or she will get return assured amount as nominee???

  22. sir ek question tha mera age 30 hai, supose me 1year 348 rs karke pay karne ke bad mera death ho gaya to mera nominee kitna rs payega?

  23. To
    Respected Sir (APY),
    I am now 34, if I join this scheme immediately and contributed minimum or maximum amount against Monthly Pension under APY, can I get Pension till my death after completion of 60yrs of age?
    *I am not income tax payer now- but after join this scheme if I become a Tax payer whether my APY scheme will be dissolved/inactivated?
    *If the Nominee is minor after the death of both the spouse then how the Nominee will get the benefit?
    *Can I change my Nominee Name?
    *Whether there is any future chance to increase or vary the Return or Monthly Pension Amount

  24. Sir, Govt was looking to revise the age criteria from 40 to 50 yrs….is this finalized?

  25. Sir can I get my monthly contribution money with interest before retirement or 60 years? Suppose I am unable to pay my monthly contribution then can I get my monthly contribution how much contributed till now?

  26. agar koi karan se mai 3mnth Joma nahi kar sake to ka hoga?

  27. i started at 21 age i 2017-18. If I die before 70 age how much amount will my nominee get?and if I die after 70 yrs how much amount will my nomiee get??

  28. Dear sir/madam

    Agar mai 27 age ka hu or maina (5000rs) pension la rakhi hai to or first payment agar 500rs hai to next year kitni payment ho jayagi

  29. Sir, If I am expired during my APY running 3 0r 4 years (pension amount 5,000/-) than what benefit my nominee will be availed after my death ?

  30. Meri wife ka 5000 ka pension plan chal raha tha unki death ho gayee h nominee ko kya milega plz. Batayee.

  31. Dear sir apy schem i have taken and 4th
    Times depoist money but i want to deactivate what my dedation money is return or not plz replie

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