Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana Details


Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana Details

The interim budget has brought many good news for the masses and for people who belong to the weaker sections of the society along with those who actually need welfare schemes.  One such welfare scheme started by the current government is Atal Pension Yojana.

Atal Pension Yojana is great news for those who are working in unorganized sector and are not covered under any pension scheme.  This way, they would enjoy pension facilities in the times of old age by paying a very low premium.

Atal Pension Yojana

Those who are working in small scale industries mostly work on daily wages and thus are not able to save for their future.  The union government started Jan Dhan Yojana scheme which promised a bank account for every Indian.  That was followed by Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and Atal Pension Yojana that promised an insurance cover and pension scheme to needy people respectively.

Atal Pension Yojana was launched by the Finance Minister and would come in to effect as on 01st June 2015.  It would carry forward the much popular campaign, Swavalamban Scheme.

Atal Pension Yojana is a scheme started and governed under the PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority) and every enrollment agency that is registered with the authority would carry out the Atal Pension Scheme.


Any Indian national between the age group of 18 years to 40 years is eligible to join Atal Pension Yojana.  Since, pension starts from the age of 60 years, the minimum contribution that anyone has to do is at least 20 years.

The individual should have an active saving bank account and should not be a member of any other statutory social security scheme. Read More for APY Eligibility

Mode of payment of premium under

It is mandatory for all subscribers to have a saving bank account in order to contribute to their pension scheme.  The monthly premium for their pension scheme would be auto-debited from their saving bank account.


As per Atal Pension Yojana, anyone who joins the scheme between the age group of 18 to 40 years is entitled for a pension of Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000.  The sooner an individual joins the scheme, the more he/she would be eligible for the pension amount, depending on the yearly contributions done to the pension account. Read More for APY Benefits

Target population

The scheme is best suited for those working as workers in unorganized sector and not availing any other social security scheme.  Thus, they could start investing in little amounts for the scheme while they are earning and secure their old age to a larger extent. Read More for Target Audience.

Enrollment Agencies

All Service providers and aggregators which were involved in Swavalamban Scheme would be assigned the role for enrollment of the scheme.

The scheme is being administered by PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority) and the enrollment would be taken care under the supervision of NPS (National Pension System).

Other Features

Atal Pension Yojana guarantees a fixed pension to the subscriber.  The fixed pension would be backed by the government and may range anywhere from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000.  The government would contribute fifty per cent of the contribution amount or Rs 1,000 annually, whichever is lesser, for a period of five years and rest would be contributed by the subscriber.

Illustrations for Pension under the scheme

We would take an example here for you to better understand the scheme.  If a subscriber want to avail a pension of Rs 1,000 per month after the age of 60 years and is currently at the age of 18 years, he/she would have to contribute Rs 42 every month.  If he/she wants a pension of Rs 5,000 per month, he/she would have to contribute Rs 210 every month.

On the other hand, if the subscriber wants to avail a pension of Rs 1,000 per month if he is currently at the age of 40 years, he/she would have to contribute Rs 291 every month and Rs 1,454 if he/she wants to avail a pension of Rs 5,000 per month.

Why should you be reading this?

After getting all these information on Atal Pension Yojana, you may wonder as to why you are reading this and what is there for you in it.  Well, as a matter of fact, the scheme is primarily relevant for those working in unorganized sectors, mostly as daily wage workers.  They do not have access to internet and may not be reading this.

Therefore, as our social obligation, we all could educate those eligible and interest around us so that they can get benefit out of the scheme and can start saving for their old age. Until and unless we all contribute this way towards this scheme, Atal Pension Yojana is never going to be a complete success.

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  1. What does this mean? I have the PMJBY & PMSB
    should not be a member of any other statutory social security scheme


  3. Kya me online apna PRAN pta kr skta hu

  4. I want to start a franchisee for APY scheme in my area so is there is any option is available for this.
    can I run franchisee for APY and accept applications for this.

  5. I want to deregister my name from Atal pension Yojana. Pls guide Me.

  6. Hello Madam/Sir

    I have opened APY with Bank of Baroda, Bangalore. My PRAN number was activated on 02-Jul-2015. First premium was deducted on 09-Jul-2015. For August month, till now, premium is not deducted. When I checked with Bank of Baroda, they are saying it may be deducted anytime & we are not responsible for deduction.
    Please let me know when premium would be deducted or should I contact anyone

    Many Thanks

  7. I am a West Bengal Govt. Employee. Can I join APY ?
    Pls reply.

  8. But there is no any reply from APY on this regard

  9. मेरा 4 इसटालमेंट जमा होने के बाद आगे किसी कारण बस नही जमा कर पाया तो क्या मेरा पैसा डुब जाएगा या निकल जाएगा या फिर से जममा रना पडेगाक

  10. 60साल जमा करने के पहले पति या पत्नी मर जाती है तो उसे कोई एक जो जिवित है वे क्या आगे का इसटाॅलमेंट जमा करना होगा या 60 बर्ष पूरा होने के बाद पेंशन मिलना शूरू होगा

  11. Sir,
    How can I apply. Atal pensions. Yojna on
    Union bank of india

  12. Mai Central government employee hu, mera PRAN chal raha hai jisme government doara Rs3000 jama kiya jata hai. Mai income tax payer bhi hu. Mai APY le rakha hai. Kya yeh yojana mere liye hai

  13. Dear Sir,
    Any one can mention the premium calculator based on the current age and pension amount per month ?
    If the calculator/equation is shown its easy for all.

  14. How much would be the rate of interest?

    • rate of interest is still not clear. But most probably would depend on the banks in which you have opened your apy account.

  15. Dear Sir, Can a person voluntarily exit from APY before 60 years and what are the conditions

  16. Please help me to cancel my policy.I can’t continue the same.How to cancel the policy ?

    • government have now came up with the new feature in which you can cancel your apy. The process is yet not clear

  17. My job is semi govt ,i am a tax payer from 4 years so pls confirm i join in apy or not

  18. Dear sir,I am an employee of West Bengal state electricity distribution company limited,which is under of government of West Bengal enterprise.
    I also attached with contributory providend fund with my organization.
    Whether I eligible for Atal pension Yojana.
    Please reply me.

  19. Agar 5 years premium jama hone ke baad aage ka premium jama nahi ho paya to kya benefit milega?

    • aabhi abhi ek nayi niyam aaya hai APY main. Aap is case main aapna account close kar sakte hai and jama ki hui rashi with interest wapas le sakte hai.

  20. My age is 34 year I’m house wife mujha atal pension yojana me liya kitana premium dena hoga or kaha karani hogi

  21. I tried to open APY at an SBI branch in which I had a savings bank account. The response of the branch staff surprised me. They complain that they are not able to process the applications any more as the server is not getting connected.
    Can the APY be opened in Corporation bank where I have a joint account with my husband?

    • These are technical problems and can happen sometimes. I advice you to try it once more with SBI as it has many other good features. If problem persists you can try with cooperation bank. Your name should the first name in case of joint account.

  22. I am joined in Atal Pension scheem, I have joined PF pension scheme also. any problem joined in 2 scheem. pls tell me

  23. Can I change the slab of pension after deduction of one premium

  24. Whether nps a/c holder can join apy scheme

  25. sir,
    i m closed my atal pension yogna account.plz give me process. and help me.i m not able to pay 1196 amt every month atal pension yogana.plz suggest.

  26. If depositer will death before 60yr .what happen.?

  27. Dear sir,
    I had NPS account (swavalambana Yozana), so my pran continue through Atal Pension Yozana ? what is the conditions? I all ready enquired in Banks there is no option for existing customers said by Banker. Please give me reply please.

  28. Dear Mam/ Sir,
    I have opened a account APY system with SBI and full premium is deducted from my savings Act, But as per APY system government should pay the 50% of the premium and I don’t get-back the 50% from last two month.. So what is the real process.

  29. Hi,,,

    My age is 30 and my wife is 25

    We have applied “Atal Pension Yojana” for both me & Wife..amount has been deducting for both like below

    376/- ruppes for my wife , I need to pay for 35 years

    577/- for me,I need to pay for 30 years

    i have a below questions, could u please clarify

    1) I am thinking that ..unnecessarly i have taken policy for my wife because i already have APY

    2) Is It good have a APY for both me & Wife, For one person in famaily will have a pension is sufficient right?

    3) Instead of paying amount 4512 yearly upto 35 years for my wife, i could have taken some other insurance policy for 15 years .

    Please suggest me, whether it is good to invest money in APY for both me & wife?

  30. What will be the procedure to close the APY plan,had been to bank and discussed with branch manager to close the APY plan but surprisingly he didn’t know anything about it,however called up on the toll free number they suggested to contact only branch office.Please suggest would like to discontinue.

    • banks can now close apy account.

      • Bank can not close the APY account even they are dont known the procedure. ..having so many meetings with branch officer he had shown me that the termination of policy is not definied they are help less….let me know what to do even I tried on your toll free numbers they are also unable to reply.If you want I can share my aapplication with you……this becomes headache having the government policy. …..please suggest

      • Dear APY,
        can you provide any further details to discontinue the policy or to stop the ecs debit, please don’t suggest to contact the branch office as they can not do anything more…nothing is in their hand they can not close the policy.One thing…. if you suggesting to contact to branch why cant you speak to the concern branch, i will share the details of bank and the manager.I hope you understand and you know that the bank will not close the policy,please don’t play with customer.And you know finally, you will make me to close the saving account of bank which i have since 12 years,so please don’t do it and suggest me right solution to close the APY account.Thanks and awaiting for reply.

  31. I Want to open APY scheme but the fact is that I am a divorcee, so what marital status should I give while applying for the scheme as I don’t want to give my spouse?

  32. How do i get A/C Statement of MY ATAL Pension Yojana Account. How much amount has been deposited.
    FOR ITR we need that statement.
    Please Mail me or Reply Id any one know. I have my APY A/C in SBI.

  33. I am in 21 years of age so can i join joining the scheme

  34. I am house wife all ready join pradhan mantri suraksha yojana & pradhan mantri jeevan jothi bima now I am eligible to atal pension yojana ?

  35. Can I check my atal pention account online

  36. Presently revised the schemeAPY

    There will definite chance ur contribution amount without interest give request letter to where ur maintained ur savings account

  37. What will be the procedure to close the APY plan,had been to bank and discussed with branch manager to close the APY plan but surprisingly he didn’t know anything about it,however called up on the toll free number they suggested to contact only branch office.Please suggest would like to discontinue.

  38. If I wish to cancel the APY scheme, please advise whats the procedure and who to contact. As bank are not aware about cancellation procedure.

  39. Can u pls tell me the procedure to close my apy account.

  40. I have just enrolled in this scheme and have got deducted 1st installment as well. Can I see total deposited amount in this scheme and interest earned on it? just like we have in PPF, whereas we can see latest balance in it. My basic purpose is to track my invested fund in this scheme.

  41. i dont see any benefit in atal pension yojana. it is a waste of investment. LIC Pension plans gv. much more then this. even bank RD offers highr returns.

  42. Will I get the deposited amount with interest after I am 60?
    if not,
    If I die after 60, will My nominee get both the deposited amount as well as Pension?

    • after 60 you will get the pension. After you dies after 60 then your spouse will get your pension if alive after both of you are gone your nominee will get corpus amount not the pension.

  43. If my birth date is 04.02.1977, then what will be my premium? and also when will be my last date for premium due?

  44. I have subscribe this by 1000 rs as pension amount. Can i change it from 1000 to 5000…???

  45. Dear Sir,

    I am Abhijeet A Shenvi from mumbai india i invest my money in APY from SBI Mumbai.but i have one question what is the procedure of change the nominee.
    please reply.


  46. Namaste Sir in the month of June I applied for APY and my friend also on the date of of 4th June 2015. On 28th August my friend got msg about first instalment for the scheme and she was registered on 6th June. But when I asked in the bank I got answer that my registration is cancelled so what next now I am very upset for this

  47. Bank can not close the APY account even they are dont known the procedure. ..having so many meetings with branch officer he had shown me that the termination of policy is not definied they are help less….let me know what to do even I tried on your toll free numbers they are also unable to reply.If you want I can share my aapplication with you……this becomes headache having the government policy. …..please suggest

  48. Can I withdraw from the scheme at the age 61 years

  49. can I get bond or any document after joining and when.

  50. my dob is 30.6.91….if I want to open the scheme in the month of september what will be the monthly amount to pay and if I open the scheme on december then what will be the monthly amount…..?
    if it same then why i pay for the extra month?

  51. I am a govt. employee . By mistake I have taken the Atal Pension Yojana. Now what to do to stop my APY ? But Truely I am willing to go with it.
    Please reply.

  52. Mai epf yojna se juda hu kya mai apy se jud sakta hu

  53. How can find out my APY account no

  54. Sir mena sbi Santa br me apni wife ka apy scheme me account open k iya hai Jisme age ka wrong calculation k iya br ne 35 age ke his an se or Kati actual age hai 39 mena from pe likha per br ne saving a.c. ke age se calculation k iya pls advice me

  55. Dear APY,
    Why didn’t you reply to my comment which was posted on 4th Sept.15,why bank officials are unable to close the APY and also they are unable to stop the monthly debit……surprisingly APY debit had come to my saving account today whereas the given debit date was 15th of every month…..i think i am wasting of my time and money by posting the comments to you and it seems that there is no procedure called for the termination or closing of APY.
    FINALLY….. APY is cheating scheme with customers which can not be closed until we close our account and forget about the premium which has been already debited…….isn’t it……i knew that you will not reply for this comment.

    • You r right Mr Vaidya, The scheme really cheat with POOR INDIAN. As per opening time of this scheme Modi Govt told that they will pay 50% of the premium till 2019. But till now we I don’t get the 50% of my premium from Modi Govt.
      So what can we understand …….


      • Hi Mr.Paul,
        And you may not close your policy …. posting on this APY is useless,they may suggest you to go and meet bank officials who are all unknown to the scheme

  56. Sir, I go to SBI bank. but they told me many rules. they says it is only for B.P.L.. What is the original rules and regulation.?

  57. is this scheme eligible for tax rebate in the section of NPS (which is upto 50000)????

  58. My age is 28. What would be the monthly amount i have to pay in order to obtain a pension of 5000


  60. My age is 24 , if i pay 1000rs every month , then what would be the pension amount i get at the age of 60?

  61. My mothers dob is 1/1/1975 is she elligble and what is premium for 5000 per month

  62. My brother died but his APY is running till now. How can I close it. Pls give suggestion

  63. I am paying an amt of rs 529 per month under APYscheme. Pls let me know wether I have to pay the same premium upto 60 years or it will increase..

  64. For that particular conditions, which rate of interest may calculated.

  65. whether we will registered in the website of NSDL website . and get statement from there for APY .

  66. Can I get full amount of apy rather than pension

  67. Pension will be paid till how many years and when will we get the premium amount which is paid.

  68. How to cancel my Atal pension yojna scheme?
    I want to close my APY account.

  69. Sir,
    I want to close my APJ policy for my personal problem , kindly tell me the exact procedure to closing APJ policy only
    not to bank account .

  70. Hello sir, I applyed apy scheme through Icici bank. But I want a close my apy account and return my money . how will closed my account .

  71. mera autal pension yojona skim close karne k liye hame kya karna parega?

  72. My D.O.B is 14 :06:1975 I have applied on 10.06.2015 .My form was accepted by s.B.I bank but no amount got deducted so I enquired the bank .They said it form was rejected as u completed 40 yrs in was it right I didn’t complete 40 years when I submitted the form or when the scheme started.Please throw some light and what should I do. My reference no 118000675118346020.pls reply

  73. I am 37 yrs 7 mnth old.your chart displays premium amt according to age in yrs
    what abt mnths because then i feel i should join the schme when i am 37 yrs n 11 mnths
    and not now.

  74. Sir i don’t want to continue with this scheme. i have already pay two mnths installment.
    What can i do?

  75. After Bjp govermenment apy will valid also confirm which govt & which bank is responsible of the security money.after bjp govt may be apy will close then whom will contact please describe in detail.

  76. My husband has expired,I am taking pension benefits.He was Government employee. Now I am 35 years old.can I join APY now. ?

  77. I am employee in sugar factory of co operative section. My monthly provident fund and pension fund is deducting from my sallary.Can I subscribe for Atal pension scheme?

  78. Mai ek gov. Employee hu mera gov. Contribution hota hai mai NPS ke tahat Income tax dept. Mai job karta hu, mai tax payer bhi hu, phir bhi hum APY me PRAN bana hai , mere a/c se paisa kat raha hai, lekin mujhe koi paper /document nahi mila hai, kirpya bataye ki mai AYP ka labh le sakata hu ,tatha eske regarding document kaha milegs, Bank bald bolate hai ki paper ghar aa jaye ga, kya kare

  79. How can we get the Statement of Atal Pension Yogna to know our Current Balance or to avail pension.

  80. Will a person get income tax rebate for contributions made to Atal Pension Yojana when the income become taxable.? If a employee is member of P.F. then can he become a member of Atal Pension Yojana though his salary is at present not taxable?. May become taxable later on. Pl. reply.

  81. My husband has expired,He was government servent so I am getting pension. But Can I join Atal Pension yojana?

  82. Currently I am employeee in Co operative sugar factory.Provident fund and pension funds are deducting from my monthly sallary. Can I join ATAL PENSION YOJANA?

  83. If have pay for ten years….
    Then after can I surrender my apy

  84. I Pradip Chatterjee,Join into the schemes Pradhanmantry Jiban Joyti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) & Pradhanmantry Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) in my A/C under United Bank of India.When i wish to join into Atal Pension Yojana ,Bank says I am not applicable for APY due to Join into the above mentioned scheme i.e. PMJJBY & PMSBY which are Social security scheme.I am not a tax payer & my age is 32 +,Can i join into APY,pls.reply…….

  85. Hi, I am aged 24 and enrolled myself for the JBY PRADHAN MANTRI JEEVAN JYOTI BIMA YOJANA and SBY PRADHAN MANTRI SURAKSHA BIMA YOJANA service via HDFC. A premium of Rs. 12 and Rs. 330 respectively got deducted from my savings acount in the month of July and nothing after that. I recently got a message stating that Rs. 350 got credited to my APY account for Jul 2015, Rs. 348 for Aug 2015 and Rs. 346 for Sep 2015. Please explain the amount and process for the same. Thanks in advance.

  86. Dear sir,

    Day after yesterday I was apply for APY Scheme By mistakenly I was selected Monthly scheme 1000 Rs, I Want to Need 5000, before submission to the computer I was beg to SBI Officer she was informed me not possible to change. then she was continue as like same ,then it was generate the 1000 Rs Pension Scheme, so now I want need information, can I change the Policy Range 1000 to 5000 please suggest me…. and

    SBI Bank Employee not User Friendly I hate them..

    yours faithfully

  87. Sir i had joined APY,PMJJBY & PMSBY on june 2015
    Already paid 3 premiums for APY (STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE).
    .Any physical (printed) certificates for this account, like lic?
    .how can i check the statement of my account ?

  88. sbi kuch nehi janta ..mameger ball raha ha ki pention nehi milega..amta branch,sbi,howrah…

  89. me apy ke under me hu.. mera receive copy lane gaya to bank maneger ne kaha ye bimma me pention nehi melega..kab sarkar badal ho jaye ga to bandh ho gayega..mera premium 4 month dia ha ..5000 pention ball raha ke hamm bima kar dia ab govmnt se pucho pention milega ke bank nehi jante..m,e fastration me hu..mujhe pention melega ke kuch nehi jante..apy ke help center number or complene number kaya ha..plz answer me…..

  90. plz anwer me kaya pention nehi melega 60 years ke ball raha ke certificatr lo bank ki paisa milega..faltu paisa dal rahe me kich nehi hoga..kuch jagra vi hua par bula ham bank kuch nehi jante apy schm khuch nehi send karte banh ko kaya…ham lok ar kaha gaye..plz help me.. SBI BANK,AMTA BRANCH.HOWRAH..VERY SAD CONDITION…

  91. Dear Sir,
    I have already enrolled with this pension yojna in June 2015 but I want to discontinue the same because I can not pay Rs. 453/- per month hence do not deduct the amount of Rs 453/- from my account from this month (September). Sir please refund my amount as follows in my Bank of India account my A/c No.- 121310110011182

    My no is
    500085102147/06/2015 Rs. 453/-
    500085102147/07/2015 Rs. 453/-
    500085102147/08/2015 Rs. 453/-
    TOTAL 1359/- Rs.
    I am waiting for your reply. Send reply on my e-mail ID

  92. Sir,
    At present my Age is 37 how much Premium I have to Pay Per Month if I want to have Pension of

    1) 15000 Per Month

    2) 20000 Per Month

    3) 25000 Per Month

    4) 30000 Per Month

    OR IS this scheme flat for 1000 Rs. and 5000 Rs Pension Scheme?

    I have Salary Account with ICICI Bank and one Joint Account with my Wife with KVB Bank so can I open open Account with Both Bank?

    If scheme restricts Pension of only 5000 Rs then opening Account with 2 different Bank will only fetch 10000 Rs Pension which is not even sufficient to have 3 times good meal our cin any big cities

    Cost of living in Metros and Non-Metros has gone very high so mere 1000 and 5000 calculation will not give clear idea for those who are in big cities. GOI must share Premium calculator so that they can go ahead and start invest. If scheme is just for 1000 & 5000 Rs then GOI seems to be not forecasting cost of living after 15 to 20 Years…Modiji’s govt cant be so shortsighted need to think how life of ordinary citizen must be after 15 to 20 years is that GOI wants Aam Admi to buy groceries from Kirana shop on Credit basis or cash, purchase on cash can be possible if citizen has good income in retirement age.

    Thanks & Regards,

  93. If someone dies in between the policy term then how disesed nomimee claim for pension? What is the procedure, rquired document & whom it should be produced?

  94. Hello,

    I would like to know, how long I will get the pension after 60+? . and what will be refundable amount to nominee in case of death.

  95. In next election if BJP government not get elected, will this pension scheme get continued for future? If any problem happened, to whom should we contact., please suggest.

  96. My date of birth is 01/01/1977. Which amount will be monthly premium of APY if the APY open today.

  97. Sir, I did my Schooling from India and my higher education also completed from India. Now, I’am working here.

    Myself and My wife have got Indian Aadhar Card and Pan Card. Also Saving Account in India for more than 15 yrs. I don’t have Indian Passport till now.

    Actually I’am from Nepal but born and brought up in India. (But I don’t have Indian Passport).. I want to apply for Atal Penson Youjana for my wife..

    Atal Penson Yojana needs Aadhar card to be linked to Saving Account. I have both. So, can I apply this plan for my wife.. Please advise.. My bank says I can apply.. If I apply and start paying, later my money should not be wasted. I must get Penson for my wife… Please advise.. Urgently.

    Thank you

    • Sir, I did my Schooling from India and my higher education also completed from India. Now, I’am working here.

      Myself and My wife have got Indian Aadhar Card and Pan Card. Also Saving Account in India for more than 15 yrs. I don’t have Indian Passport till now.

      Actually I’am from Nepal but born and brought up in India. (But I don’t have Indian Passport).. I want to apply for Atal Penson Youjana for my wife..

      Atal Penson Yojana needs Aadhar card to be linked to Saving Account. I have both. So, can I apply this plan for my wife.. Please advise.. My bank says I can apply.. If I apply and start paying, later my money should not be wasted. I must get Penson for my wife… Please advise.. Urgently.

      Thank you

      • APY Team,

        Can you show at least one person who is satisfied with APY.

        No body understands ………. All are having doubts and you people are not having any guidelines….Even the bank doesnt know about this APY


  98. Hi,
    I would like to join in this APY scheme. But I have a doubt. Can I start two APY scheme in my name; like one in ‘Bank A’ and other one in ‘Bank B’?

  99. This amount of 5000 per month is it including Government calculation? I am a Income Tax payer, so if I join this scheme, at the age of 60, will I get 5000 per month or less

  100. Can I cancel the pay and is the procedure

  101. Hello sir/mam, I am unable to continue my monthly payment of atal pension yojna. How to close my policy?

  102. I am in member'” A P Y “””
    how to know my atal pention yojana monthly monthly summery status,
    and i am not manage MANY in account 5, 6, months then what happened,

  103. I have subscribed APY in Aug’15 and getting regular SMS for deduction of my premium. Now, as of now Bank has not given any documents for my record that proves my subscription of APY.

    Please let me know what document Bank will issue for my record.

    • you should get a PRAN card against your APY account

      • Where from i shall get my PRAN card, nothing has been provided till date either by Bank or PFRDA, where can i get the transaction statement, please let me know, or to whom i have to approach for the details.

  104. Hi
    I would like to know that,
    1) I am a professional and having PPF,EPF,NPS
    etc already. Can I apply for APY.
    2) how long pension will be paid after 60 years of age.
    3) what if pensioner dies after few years of age of 60.
    4) if both pensioner and nominee are not alive till age of 60 of pensioner.
    5) if nominee also passed away after few years and pensioner too after ager of 60 yeara

    • 1) Yes you can
      2) till you are alive
      3) then your spouse will get the pension if alive
      4) Then amount can be claimed as per law
      5) Then amount can be claimed as per law

  105. Sir.
    Maine apy acount date 10.11.2015 ko apni wife के naam se kulwaya hai lekin bank ki galti से uski date of birth (10.12.1975) galat mention ho gai jiske karan jyada Amount ka premium Rs. 1318 kaat gaya. Acutall date of birth 12.09.1981 hai.
    अब mai kya करूँ taki agli premium सही amount ki debit ho our balance amount mere account me वापस aa जाये .
    वैसे maine wife ki date of birth bank me update karwa di hai .

  106. I have opened an APY account in Central Bank on 28th-August-2015 and the amount is deducting per month from my account. But till now I have not received any subscriber certificate from the bank neither by post nor physical..
    Please suggest me what can I do for this regard..??
    Can I access my APY account online and track transactions..?
    Please suggest..

  107. I am registered from APY at Union Bank from 4-10-15 but till now not received any prove. Which type of prove i will get from the bank. If not get any prove then what i have to do.

  108. Dear sir, I am enrolled in APY scheme from last 4 months back . and amount was deducting monthly basis. but as of now i Did not received any Bond or any Proof of hard copy for APY scheme.
    Kindly give the Toll free number or advice how to collect this.

    my banker is told me that they did not know clear information about this yojanaa.

    please help me.

  109. Dear sir,

    what is the procedure to claim in all cases (Death before maturity or After maturity of pension scheme)

  110. What is the rate of interest on APY. and upto what age it will get, is it applicable upto death.

  111. I have taken APY for myself and my wife for 5K pension. But as per my calculations.
    1) If we consider interest 8% then there will be around 8 lakh total fund value at age of 60 years.
    2) Interest on that would be > 5k per month that will go up to 7K at age of 80
    3) if i live for 20 years more and get 5K pension every month even though fund value will go up to 10 lakh at age of 80 years.
    4) if My nominees gets 8 Lack after my death as per policy the govt will get 2 lack on my death.
    5) It seems no better that PPF at all. Where fund value will be much higher at age of 60 years and I can enjoy my money as i wish.
    6) This seems another Scheme by govt just for advertisement purpose and repacking like many other thing being done in recent past.
    7) I wonder if Govt will not dilute PPF benefits and change its terms to make their policies like this and SSA successful.

    Kindly advise if my calculations are not correct.

  112. Sit i am govermemt servant can i take apy

  113. Sir,
    My monthly subscription for the month of Nov 15 not deducted, also my brother’s subscription from Oct 15 not deducted what action can do for continue deduction Our SBI branch have no idea about this please reply.

  114. My age is 32 years, Female. What will be the amount i have to pay every month for APY to get 5000/month. Is 5000 Rs the upper limit of the pension or do we have more options too.

  115. Sir,
    I took APY for my wife for 5000 pension with Andhra Bank last month, is there any certificate or document proof available for us?

  116. Sir my age is 28 yrs now, so how much premium should be paid monthly so as to get Rs 5000 as pension amount after retirement? ?

  117. sir ,
    i dont want to continue the apy becuse my financial condition is not good . I lost my job .plz send the cancellation procedure .

  118. Hi Amarjeet,
    It would be around 689 per month..
    But I would suggest to go for PPF as it is having better returns and wide range for amount can be deposited in a year with Tax banifits..
    APY team here didn’t reply to my queries rased in 18th Nov..

  119. Sir …I got apy duplicate acknowledgement copy from sbi bank and got PRAN number also . ….and opened apy on 10/06/2015 but I didn’t get any orginal certificate apy. ….and I don’t know how to get statement of account. ..kindly reply me

  120. My wife has enrolled in apy for 5000 she nominate me as nominee as i understand she got 5000 after 60 if she died i will got d pension 5000 if i died then who got yhe corpus amount because i m yhe nominee

  121. Sir,
    I have joined this scheme on August 2015 and contributing Rs.902/* per month. my PRAN is XXXXXXXXXXX. but i have not received any SMS confirmation or statement, so far. Kindly reply.

  122. i am going to join this plan but i have lot of doubts. as if i expire what and how further benifits will be given to nominee .
    if i get any amount at the age of 60 yrs. who will be responsible to pay my pension regularly. is there any system that bank ocficials will inform me in case of i foget my premium.
    at the age of 40 what is the payment to pay as premium.
    Ashok vishwakarma

  123. Dear sir,
    I am from bbsr. now i am 20 years old & get rs. 365 as pension per month as a part of my father’s EPF FUND. May i elegible for APY ? i want to know that can i creat an APY schem.

  124. Dear Sir,
    After Contributing for 32 Years Will Subscriber receive Contributed fund back with Interest when Subscriber dies before receiving single Pension, how much interest will be paid?
    And How much time do APY ll take to refund Money after subscribers Death.?

  125. The APY scheme came into effect on June 2015 so all 75 born Indian citizens should be eligible as they are 40yrs. 74 born citizens are not eligible as they have completed 41 yrs. So if APY scheme tells that only 1976 and later born are eligible the age criteria should have been set to 39 yrs instead of 40 yrs or the scheme could have been defined more simpler stating only 1976 and later born Indian citizens are eligible to avoid age criterua confusion

  126. Can an army personnel apply for this scheme.

  127. And my wife is goverment employ can we join dono

  128. i am unmarried if i want to join in apy. first when joining time in the form they’ll be detail about spouse.(Not applicable if unmarried)

    After my wife will get all those benefits in future.

    My dot is we are not giving details of spouse after join can b edit or change name in my apt plan.

  129. I am paying 350 rs per month from last 4 months. At any point of time can I close this account and take my money

  130. If I died between the tenure what will happen, shall my nominee will get all the amount which I have been invested in this apy plan

  131. My wife nominate me as nominee in apy aftr her i got pension bt after me who got the corpus amount? Is legal heir automatically eligible for corpus amt or not

  132. Hi Sir,
    I want to close APY account, I had check with bank they stated that not able to cancel u can contact APY branch only.
    Kindly help me out.

  133. 1.What a customer will get if he dies at the age of 55? much nominee will get if both pensioner and spouse dies? govt will contribute rs1000 or 50% of contributions annually for first 5 years?
    4.what is corpus?
    5.what a customer will get if he wish to discontinue this at the age of 55?

  134. What is mean by other statutory social scheme.

  135. If I start at 35 I have to pay 902 per month for 5000 rupees pension.,
    Will this per month amount go up as age advance or is it the same amount throughout

  136. .
    I have opened APY with Canara Bank , Bettiah. My PRAN number was activated but pran card is not delivered yet. First premium was deducted on time. premium is not deducted regularly.How do i get A/C Statement of MY ATAL Pension Yojana Account. How much amount has been deposited When I checked with Canara Bank, they are saying it may be deducted anytime & we are not responsible for deduction.
    Please let me know when premium would be deducted or should I contact anyone.

  137. Good evening sir,
    7/12/2015 Monday I have joined in APY, my banker have given just only one form, is this only final document or not, please give me a suggestion, how I have to login in to APY web site, how I have to see my transaction.

  138. sir mane apy 27/10/2015 ko andhra bank ke apne khate se li ha par galtise 5000/manth pensan ke jagah mujhe 1000/manth ki apy kardi gai ha aur mere kai bar kahne ke bad bhi abhi tak usme sansodhan nahi kiya gaya

    sir ma ky karu plese help me.

  139. Atal Pension Yojona chalu Lorne ki bad koi Certificate milega ? Mera 6 installment bank se deduct ho gaya hai par abhi take mujhe koi APY Certificate mila nahi. Pls reply.
    Thank You

  140. I have one savings bank account so Can i invest more than one pension schme…

  141. Dear concern
    Please send the online link to check the transactions of APY.
    Satpreet singh

  142. Sir, I have opened APY account at CANARA Bank. But I have not received the transaction details which I have payment. In this website when i log-in, it shows your account number has not registered. And also I have payment 5 months till now. So please guide me.

  143. I have registered for atal pension scheme on 9/jun/15, after the successful registration i got the message as , DM – NSDLPN your pension account (PRAN-500054xxxxxx) has been generated and you will shortly receive PRAN kit. But still now i did’t receive my pran card or pran kit, after checking with the bank said we dont know about that and all.Let me know any one , how to get the pran card / kit. For claim at the age of 60 This PRAN card is must ?..

    • wait for some more time you will get your PRAN

      • Unfortunately if i did’t get the pran card & pran kit still at the age of 60 years . How can i get the monthly pension after completing the age of 60 ??. Let me know .

        • you can lock a compliant about this in the bank

          • The pran card and kit will reach the bank were we open the account or the pran card and kit will reach the address which we mentioned in the atal pension form? Let me know. Usally how long time will it take to receive after opening a account?

          • it will reach at your home.

  144. I have opend apy on june 2015, but not recived pran card kit til now

    • I think pran card and kit not been send any personal those who joined in atal pension scheme.
      While check with customercare , they are saying pran card is not necessary to claim , just you need of pran number

  145. I have got APY. I want to login and check my statement which i am contributing to APY.
    Please provide website where i should login ?


  146. How to know how much amount is credited every month to my account in Atal Pension Yojana till date

  147. I Have got APY account in May-2015 and still i have not yet received PRAN Card, please help me regarding the same

  148. i open atal pension scheme whether bank has been give certiifcate or bank passbook


  150. i open atal pension scheme oriental bank of commerce bank but they have not provide any certificate

  151. How to get user id pass word in stal pension and how to change my mobile number in atalpension…

  152. My sister have apy account since 3years above. She contributed monthly payment, but want to paid half yearly , what to do ?

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